Saturday, November 28, 2009

You might like me

I long to share things with you
thoughts, feelings, my heart
Yet you choose to talk about the weather
and the son of a long forgotten friend

I’m part of you
I came out of you
Yet you deny the part of me
that I want to give back to you

So, I share in the superficial
join the chatter, and fill the dead air
with lifeless words
inside me is me
unspoken, unrealized, unknown

I retreat to my room to my
pen and paper expose,
And wait for the airport farewell
my crocodile tears
the prolonged goodbye,
to a cardboard cutout of someone
I want to know better
who smiled and said,

......“not today thank you.”

Lesley-Anne Evans, Sept. 2007

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  1. Carolyn7:01 PM

    Some people love very deeply and yet do not know how to go about opening up and communicating. Sometimes something triggers it and it all flows out. Other times it is all just too confusing to get out and to express. Sometimes I think, if only women could just express their innermost feelings without words it would be incredible. Maybe we have all that before us when we get our new bodies that will not decay, hinder or sin. Won't that be amazing? Then no barriers will exist and we will indeed know each other on a whole new level. Sending you warm hugs.


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