Monday, November 16, 2009


Photography by Lisa Mabey

Today, at the public pool edge
a fleeting reminder of who you once were --
golden haired cherub in ruffled daffodil-yellow swim suit,
precariously teetering on the edge.

No longer infant yet not quite child
rounded, soft, with her
eyes wide open and heart untouched
by pain of knowledge or experience.
Touching and trying with a tiptoed courage
and insatiable appetite for all things new,
a fearless explorer with Daddy trailing behind.

Only yesterday this was you…
Darting out in ever widening circles into the world,
then back to hold tight to my hand.

I want to breathe this moment deep into my lungs…

… savor the taste with my eyes.

Lesley-Anne Evans
November 2009

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