Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So, I guess that makes me old?

I have some admissions to make… first, I feel younger inside than out. Second, I guess I try to appear younger than I am. But the past few days have really hammered home the truth that I'm getting a little long in the tooth. Now that doesn't mean I'm going to start dressing like my mother (bless her heart), nor do I want to chop off my hair or anything that drastic, but maybe I should be a little more realistic with myself?

So, it started last week when I was anticipating some friends dropping over for coffee. I rushed around the house to de-clutter things, hide things, dust and vac. quickly, and then as a final touch I thought I'll just spray some 'Febreeze' on the couch and rugs to have that fresh scent as they first enter the door. (A little background here… these same friends told me on their last visit that my home "smelled funny", and I haven't quite gotten over that yet!)

I went to my bucket of cleaning supplies, reached down, grabbed the 'Febreeze' and started spraying. I moved quickly around the main floor of my home, a quick spray here and there, ending up in living room when I suddenly smelled, not the scent of fresh rain, but BLEACH! And in horror, I looked down to see a bottle of 'Fantastic with Bleach' in my hand. Oh my goodness, I thought, I've ruined everything because of my panic stricken and bruised house-keeper ego! I ran to grab a cloth and frantically rubbed down everywhere I could remember spraying. And, in the end, I was blessed with no white blotches on anything! Wow!

Two days ago I prepared a nice dinner for the family, having picked up some beautiful, fresh, tender asparagas for my husband, who loves it. I washed it, put it in a dish with a little water, then put it in the microwave to steam it. I found it this morning when I opened the microwave door to soften butter for toast!

So, maybe I have too much on my mind? Or, maybe I get distracted by our three kids, one dog, the telephone and the computer and knocks on the front door? Or, maybe, just maybe, I'm getting old?

I remember a story my father-in-law told us about my 70-something mother-in-law. She was searching the house for her glasses which she couldn't find anywhere. She said to him, "Where are my glasses… have you seen them anywhere?" And he replied, "They are on your head, Julie." We laughed and laughed at that story.

And now, I'm just beginning to understand…

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